COVID-19 Status

On July 16, 2020, the State of Virginia Governor ordered the use of masks or face coverings by patrons and employees in specified business environments, including massage therapy locations. 

In order to ensure that our patrons and therapists are kept safe, we are following the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and Federation of State Massage Safety Boards (FSMSB) guidelines for safely conducting business during COVID-19. Some of these guidelines include the following: 

-In addition to the standard intake form, we will conduct health intakes and updates to client health forms before the client's session. Upon arrival for appointment, clients will have their temperature checked and sign a COVID-19 specific health intake addendum.

-Masks are required for both clients and therapists. Clients will not be allowed into the facility without a mask.

-Alcohol based hand sanitizer is available and required for clients to use upon arrival

-Unless otherwise directed by the client’s primary healthcare provider, clients at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should forgo massage while the virus is present in their communities. High risk includes:

     *People 65 years or older     *Chronic lung disease     *Moderate to severe asthma     

     *Heart conditions     *Compromised or suppressed immunity     

     *Severe obesity (body mass index of 40 or higher)     *Diabetes   

     *Chronic kidney disease     *Liver disease

-The CDC suggests that COVID-19 infected respiratory droplets can be dispersed when people talk. For this reason, talking will be limited to communication about pressure, warmth, and comfort while in the enclosed space of the session room.

-Because a face mask is worn for the duration of the massage, safe facial massage is not possible and therefore prohibited at this time.

-All high-touch surfaces will be disinfected between clients